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Our Team


Christos Kanoutas, MBA

Managing Director

With 22 years solid experience in Finance Change and having successfully delivered numerous system migrations as well as 4 complete multimillion finance engines for Bank of America, Credit Suisse and RBS that combine risk and finance data to facilitate reporting, Christos understands and is able to successfully overcome delivery, productionisation and implementation challenges like few in the industry at present.


Nicholas Anastasiadis, MSc

Head of Scenarios & Stress Testing

Nicholas is a leading expert in London in Market Risk Management. Having developed the Scenarios and Stress Testing function for several Tier 1 Banks, Nicholas is a true leader that can take charge and deliver on his promises.


Petros Tsouklidis, MSc

Chief Commercial Officer

A highly intelligent, entrepreneurial and self-motivated Finance Change professional with hands on experience in 3 different Tier 1 Banks, Petros can drive things forward and achieve solid and measurable results on every subject he approaches.


Richard Aldridge, MSc

Senior IFRS 9 Consultant

A highly intelligent and self-motivated professional, Richard has over 10 years of experience in Credit Risk Change and IFRS 9. Able to understand big data and reporting in depth, coupled with superb organisational and analytical skills, Richard never fails to deliver pristine work and exceed expectations on a timely manner.


Sampath Rachcha, MSc

Head of Hyderabad Operations

A multitalented and entrepreneurial individual with 12 years of Risk and Finance change experience across Tier 1 Banks, Sampath is not fazed by any challenge. His unique and effective problem-solving abilities coupled with his strong technical and SME background mean that Sampath can be highly resourceful and effective in multiple settings and can undertake challenges that others would normally shy away from. 


Chara Kanouta

Human Resources Manager

With over 16 years Banking experience, a wide network and an excellent grasp of the local talent pool, Chara makes an ideal Human Resource Manager for the firm, able to support and safeguard our value proposition while facilitating the expansion of our footprint.

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