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Our Firm

CKAN is a boutique professional services firm specializing in the delivery of Risk & Regulatory Transformation within the Financial Services Sector.


  • We aim to provide our clients with a realistic alternative to contingent (agency ) suppliers as well as the larger consulting firms.

  • We focus exclusively on the highly specialized areas where we are ahead of the competition

  • We offer proven industry expertise and subject matter knowledge

  • We recruit the very best resources on the market because we are experts at identifying them 

  • We understand regulatory driven delivery timelines and what it takes to meet them

  • We understand the data sourcing and data quality challenges faced by large organisations with complex legal entity structures and a host of legacy systems

  • We understand  the operating model challenges that rapid change presents

  • Our value proposition is supported by the intelligent utilization of onshore, nearshore and offshore experts.

  • We utilize unique agile methodologies that we have developed and tested ourselves

  • We offer a very high pace of mobilization within our focus areas

  • We assume full responsibility for our deliverables for a cost that is below the client’s internal capabilities

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