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Our Products

Client Based SME Resourcing

We are committed to supply highly qualified and experienced UK client based SME resources, within our areas of expertise, that are in the top 20% in their field. We stand by our reputation and will never compromise on our standards. We know the part of the industry we operate in better than anyone and can resource the people who can really make a difference for our clients. We have a substantial a pool of top SMEs with a proven track record that we can rely upon to deliver effectively for our clients.

Nearshore and Offshore Development Resourcing

We can readily supply highly motivated expert developers on SAS, Oracle, Python, Java, R, C++ , VBA. All our developers share their technical knowledge in order to solve the most challenging technical problems. Above all, we are a team and the team spirit we offer to our clients is our key competitive advantage.

Custom Component Delivery

We fully understand the complexities of big data and the custom needs that even challenger banks face. We can operate a tried and tested a 2+5 model, where 2 of our most hardened SMEs based at the client site and supported by 5 expert developers nearshore or offshore, can deliver complete components at a fixed priced cost that is significantly below the cost our clients would normally incur as part of in-house development.

Ready Made Tools

We offer a focused range of ready made tools and low cost solutions to common problems within our areas of expertise, e.g. Validation tools, Adjustment tools, Automated reconciliation tools, Accounting Rules Engine, XBRL tools.

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